Sommerloch 2016

hey internet wud up? good times- jeah. i was this year around on the stages. nice time. it all starts here —> X  lol.  it was a super nice festival thx #meeresrausch  & #floraundfaunacollectiv !

at the extraschicht auf kokerei hans i worked with #aaronst. video will be added soon

so then  there was the kidsspace morningsessions @ fusion festival. i realy enjoyed my morningly  beatroutine there with #guntermarianagel.

find the jibel jay

and the garbizc and the 3000° were i was performing with de Chapeauclub doing stunningly Loopaction as Staatskapelle Jibel Jay. At the 3000° i did a extra show in Fürstenberg with #mijkvondijke -really nice- big thx to maria and the rest of the crew.  so finally on sundy i did a 3h set and playd encore for 45m  (*)

there was this TAG IM PARK where i do Holahoob like this —> X

and  ESSEN ORGINAL with this Guys HERE and a few moor 🙂 on the improstage. Video will be added soon. i found out that hyperhealer is a item in the pócemon univers, so yes , these guys –  big love #shernerwitdgen #piwingender

bald is wieder SUPAKOOL geburtstag dies jahr im 19 down  –woobs– soon ther is our b-day special SUPAKOOL 6 YEAH´s Bash at 19 down in Essen.

thank u internet.

till next time

your jibel jay


*new festival-playtime-record


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