Jo it is Time 4 Sommerloch 2018

Moyn internetties

this is mal wieder the all time classic Sommerloch poste. you see i was around and will be.. and the internet knows everything even the future, like the last two dots ( i am shure it knows even this moment right now – when ever this moment is)

so i dont do links this year (only this one very special one)

and now finaly

itz time again

for the official 2018 edition of

“This years festival playlist”

  • meeresrausch
  • fusion*
  • nation of gondwana*
  • vlun
  • 3000°
  • Moyn Moyn

*in cooperation with the Chapeau Club

Also with the Chapeau Club i will perform at the 14np ("das ist Netzpolitik" - Konverenz)

thats all for now! ^smily^

but my professional internet performance is rising up to new levels of quality.

cyber cyber

have a nice internet experience and best wishes

your Jibel “Maus” Jay

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